Lindner Recyclingtech: high-performance shredder for plastics recycling

With the new universal shredders Micromat HP and Micromat BW Lindner Recyclingtech wants to offer plastics recycling companies particularly high output rates in superb quality.

China’s ban on imported plastic waste and the upcoming European packaging directive with its ambitious recycling quotas offer waste management companies new, attractive opportunities. The Micromat HP series, designed for particularly high throughputs, and the equally new Micromat BW, optimised for cutting film waste to a specified format, are announced to meet these requirements.

Compared to the Micromat 2000 and 2500 systems, the shredders of the new HP series – HP stands for high performance – allow throughput increases of up to 30% to up to 2500 kg per hour with the same machine design and space requirements. Lindner has also improved the cutting system’s geometry to use the cutters even more efficiently per rotation. Depending on the machine’s length and the client’s requirements, the robust and versatile Micromat single-shaft shredder from Lindner can be configured with a 132 kW or 160 kW motor, driving the cutting system with a speed of up to 105 rpm.

Lindner Recyclingtech’s new single-shaft shredders from the Micromat BW series are designed to shred plastic film waste delivered in pressed form as bales directly and without any preparatory work. The specially configured cutting units with 116-mm square cutters ensure output with a pre-defined size and in A4 format. This makes automatic sorting according to the type of plastic much easier, providing our clients with a high-class product for recycling. The 132-kW motor delivers the torque needed to run the cutting system with the corresponding gearbox at speeds of 80 rpm and allow for throughputs of up to 15 metric tons per hour.

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