Strautmann: Economic disposal solutions

Strautmann Umwelttechnik GmbH wants to present at IFAT the house-owned series of baling presses BalePress, a dewater press LiquiDrainer and the semi-automatic baler AutoLoadBaler.

The AutoLoadBaler is equipped with a collection trolley system and an automatic filling of the baler. Cardboard is collected in the collection trolley directly at source. The full trolley is simply pushed into the side of the baler within seconds. One press on the start button and the collection trolley empties itself. The bottom of the trolley moves up automatically. Thereby the material is conveyed via rotors into the press chamber. With a press force of 530kN the material is then compacted into 450 kg directly marketable bales. The employees are thus free from manual insertion and tearing of the cardboard. The risk of injury decreases and time is saved. The reduction of walking distances saves up to 4,000 hours a year. The disposal solution is unique, economical and time-saving.

The dewaterer empties and devalues full beverage containers like PET bottles, TetraPak and beverage cans. Time-consuming emptying by hand is over. The liquids are separated by the LiquiDrainer and targeted and safely discharged. Even whole containers can be emptied. The cost intensive manual opening of PET bottles is no longer necessary. The dewatering press empties up to 10,000 1L PET bottles in just one hour. A rotating rotor pierces the material so that the fluids can escape. Up to 99% residual draining is ensured. The small footprint and machinery weight of 665kg enable mobile use. The LiquiDrainer is safe, fast and economical and can be installed by Plug & Play.

Hall A5, booth 241/340


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