GRSO elects new chairman

The Global Recycling Standards Organization, the home of The Recycling Industry Operating Standard (RIOS) has recently elected Darrell Hogan as a new Chairman who will serve a two year term ending in 2020.
Stephanie Hofschlaeger,

Darrell Hogan, VP of Global Operations & Compliance of AER Worldwide, has worked in the industry since 2004, overseeing AER’s global operations in the USA, Mexico, India, and Malaysia, AER’s QEH&S multi-site management programs, and global vendor management. Hogan has been involved with various QEH&S management programs, throughout his career dating back to 1990, as an ISO9001 auditor for Toshiba America.

“Having served on various technical advisory committees for various standards and as part of the RIOS board, it truly a privilege to serve as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for RIOS,” said Darrell Hogan. “I look forward to continuing to work with board in the growth of this top-notch program. It is important that we continue to emphasize the importance of the RIOS certification, not only as a certification to win business, but as a tool and resource to improve a company’s overall success.”

With Hogan’s vast international experience in Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety compliance, RIOS is confident that he will be able to effectively lead RIOS in its mission encourage and assist recyclers in managing their management system, which results in stronger health and safety programs, greater environmental responsibility, and better operational efficiency.

“The Global Recycling Standards Organization is excited to announce that Darrell Hogan will be its Chairman for the next two years,” said Darrell Kendall, Director of RIOS™. “His understanding of the global recycling industry, coupled with his demonstrated ability to manage EHS compliance at facilities around the globe make him the ideal leader for the Global Recycling Standards Organization and RIOS management system.”


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