Is Waste-To-Energy compatible with Net-Zero?

On Tuesday 21 June, an event in Brussels to present the potential of CCUS technologies in Waste-to-Energy and the evolution from non-recyclable waste treatment to integrated resource recovery facilities.
(Source: CEWEP)

In Europe, around 500 Waste-to-Energy plants thermally treat waste that cannot be prevented or recycled. From this process, the plants recover both energy and secondary raw materials. Both, energy substitution and material recovery offset the direct fossil carbon emissions, coming mainly from the non-recyclable plastic waste that the Waste-to-Energy sector takes as a service to society.

In order to further reduce its carbon footprint and contribute to the climate targets set by the European Union, the sector is actively working on technologies that can upgrade its performances: the main one being the possibility to turn a Waste-to-Energy plant into a carbon-negative emitter.

On Tuesday 21 June, the Residence Palace in Brussels will host a 90-minute discussion on when and how a full implementation of Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) can be achieved on the European Waste-to-Energy plants. Three projections will be presented with the reduction potentials achievable with the integration of CCUS. The necessary steps in policy-making, funding and enabling conditions will be discussed.

The event will be also the opportunity to present a new concept for a Waste-to-Energy plant. A facility which is not only essential to treat the large fractions of non-recyclable waste generated by our society, but it is able to combine multiple technologies together to implement a fully-functional integrated resource recovery facility.

Free registration for the event is possible now. It is organised by CEWEP, the Confederation of European Waste-to-Energy Plants and ESWET, the European Suppliers of Waste-to-Energy Technology.


  • Welcome by Ella Stengler, Managing Director of CEWEP and Patrick Clerens, Secretary General of ESWET


  • Paul De Bruycker, President of CEWEP: How will European Waste-to-Energy Sector Help to achieve EU Net-Zero?
  • Bruno-Frédéric Baudouin, ESWET Vice-President: Recovering the non-recyclable: The Integrated Resource Recovery Facility

Panel Discussion: Exploiting the potential of CCUS in Waste-to-Energy

  • Chris Bolesta, CCUS Team Leader, DG Energy, European Commission
  • Monica Praat, Logistics Manager at AVR
  • Jacob H. Simonsen, CEO of Amager Ressourcecenter


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