Amandus Kahl presents flat die pellet mill

At IFAT, the machine manufacturer from Reinbek will be exhibiting its versatile flat die pellet mill type 45-1000.
The type 45-1000 flat die pellet mill is suitable for pelletizing plastic waste, among other things. Copyright: Amandus Kahl

Visitors to will be able to see for themselves how the flat-die pellet mill type 45–1000 works. In addition to the production of substitute fuels and wood pellets, these pellet mills also process large-volume plastic waste into compact, dosable pellets, which can then be fed into a chemical recycling process. By recycling plastics in line with the circular economy, companies not only conserve fossil resources but also reduce CO2 emissions. Used textiles can also be prepared for recycling through pelletisation and used tyres through granulation. The Amandus Kahl plant also meets the increasing demand for pelleted sewage sludge. In the form of sewage sludge pellets, this organic waste product can be transported dust-free, safely and cost-effectively to where it is needed. Sewage sludge pellets are mainly used for thermal recovery. In addition, the focus of interest is shifting to sewage sludge and sewage sludge ash, particularly for the recovery of phosphorus for use in fertiliser production.

Hall B4; Booth 317


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