LIBS sorting system for aluminium alloys

At IFAT, Steinert will be presenting the Plasmax LIBS, which has been specially designed for sorting aluminium alloys of classes 5xxx and 6xxx in ready-to-melt qualities.
The new Steinert PLASMAX | LIBS enables recycling firms to take aluminium recycling to the next level and to specifically produce high-grade alloy classes ready for the furnace. Copyright: Steinert

LIBS stands for “Laser-Induced-Breakdown-Spectroscopy”, a technology used to analyse materials for their elemental composition. A high-energy laser beam hits the aluminium, vaporising the material and creating a plasma that is several thousand degrees hot, which then breaks down into light emissions. Spectral analysis can be used to determine its elemental composition and separate aluminium alloys from one another with the utmost precision.

According to Steinert, the new system achieves purities of over 95 per cent. Three to six tonnes can be processed per hour, and three materials can also be discharged. Thanks to its compact design, the Plasmax LIBS can be easily integrated into existing systems.

The processing of the material begins as soon as it is fed into the innovative feeding system. A specially developed, multi-stage feed system ensures optimum loading of the conveyor belt. This is followed by 3D recognition and high-precision in-flight detection, i.e. detection immediately after the material has left the belt. Supported by kinetic energy, the material flies through the laser unit in a stable parabola. The innovative multi-spot analysis guarantees optimum detection with several laser measuring points that hit the material at exactly right angles. The plasma created when the laser pulse hits the aluminium is evaluated with AI support and separated into one of the three outputs by a compressed air pressure pulse the next moment.

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