Hitachi Zosen Inova acquires Kompogas technology

By acquiring the technology, HZI will be able to also offer EfW plants based on the proven Kompogas technology for energy recovery by fermentation. The Kompogas name will be retained, continuing a brand with a strong tradition in biogas generation.

Hitachi Zosen Inova (HZI) has signed an agreement with Axpo Kompogas Engineering AG to acquire the business under an asset deal.

HZI will continue to market the technology under the Kompogas brand. In addition to this, service and maintenance for existing Kompogas plants will be continued under HZI.

The acquisition will enable HZI to address the specific market requirements emerging from the separate collection of biogenic waste. Axpo’s biogas generation business will concentrate on operating its 15 existing plants in Switzerland.

In addition to acquiring Kompogas Engineering AGs know-how and all its licenses, Zurich-based HZI will also preserve jobs by taking on the majority of its staff, including an apprentice. Completion of the final closing of the relevant contractual agreements is expected by mid December.


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