Industry demands legally binding EN 50625 Standards on WEEE

CECED, DIGITALEUROPE, EERA and the WEEE Forum call on the European Commission to prepare an Implementing Regulation in accordance with the provisions laid down in article 8.5 of the Directive, that would oblige Member States to require mandatory compliance to the EN 50625 Series for all WEEE treatment facilities in the EU.
Frank Radel,

The playing field in Europe regarding treatment of WEEE is not level, both among and within Member States. Depollution performance, the extent to which raw materials are recycled, safety measures and monitoring and control procedures differ substantially. Recent research indicates that, more than half of the WEEE generated in the EU is currently not treated in accordance with requirements of Directive 2012/19/EU on WEEE, which results in a lower quality of recycling of WEEE within Europe.

The EN 50625 Series of standards that is nearly completed at CENELEC, addresses that challenge, and is meant to become the reference standard for WEEE treatment in Europe. Adherence to the normative requirements in the EN 50625 Series provides assurance that WEEE is collected, transported and treated in compliance with the Directive.


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