Expectations too high

If an ambitious announcement is made, it is bound to raise high expectations. Now the EU Commission will have to live with the fact that it was unable to fulfil these expectations with its new circular economy package. Nevertheless, the package is not a total failure, quite the contrary.

Apart from establishing consistent standards for the efficient recycling of e-scrap, there is a lack of concrete action. The largest material flow, i.e. waste from construction and demolition activities, is once again explicitly mentioned. In addition to the recycling targets mentioned, the Commission wants to identify obstacles and factors that influence the recycling of these materials by carrying out a study. Moreover, the Commission has announced a „recycling protocol“ for 2016, which can be used by the industry on a voluntary basis.

The fact that the system‘s transition to a circular economy costs money seems abundantly clear to the Commission. The work program „Horizon 2020“ already includes a project „Industry 2020 in the circular economy“ for the next two years, which provides more than 650 million euros for innovative projects in the circular economy. In addition, financing is to be made available from the ESI fund. Moreover, the previously mentioned 5.5 billion euros will be provided for waste management. The Commission also makes it clear that it expects investments both from the public as well as from the private sector at local and national level.


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