New waste collection vehicles for Ascan Geaser

Ascan Geaser, the largest environmental services company in Cantabria and specialists in providing services for municipalities, have purchased a fleet of thirty four new waste collection vehicles from Geesinknorba, Spain.
Timothy Byrne
Timothy Byrne

Two Geesinknorba ‘N’ Series 15H25 rear loaders were also purchased from Geesinknorba Spain. These are fitted with the L200 bin lift which consists of a trunnion / comb lift to DIN 30700 / DIN 30740 specifications. One of these units has a detachable rave extension fitted to facilitate the emptying by the fleet of Rossi QUBE and R205 satellite units. These new ‘N’ Series units have been mounted onto MAN TGM 4×2 18 tonne two axle chassis with Euro 6 compliant engines. The chassis has been fitted with a MAN semi automatic twelve speed transmission. One of these units will collect waste from markets as well as from special areas where 360 and 1000 litre containers are deployed. A total of one hundred 360 and 1000 litre containers in combined sizes are used for this service. These units will work twenty four hours a day on a three shift cycle e.g. morning, afternoon and night. The ‘N’ Series has a high compaction ratio of 6:1 so these new units will yield high payloads when collecting market waste etc. and transferring waste from the smaller Rossi QUBE and R205 units. The ‘N’ Series units also have the SmartPack system fitted which helps to reduce fuel consumption by 15%.

Twenty AMS CL1 series side loaders were also purchased consisting of one CL1 – N unit of 15m3 capacity and mounted onto an Iveco Eurocargo 180E28 4X2 18 tonne two axle chassis. This Iveco unit features a Euro 6 compliant engine of 280 horsepower and the Allison 3000 Series five speed automatic transmission. An AMS CL-N unit of 16m3 capacity was also purchased and mounted onto a MAN TGM 4×2 18 tonne two axle chassis fitted with a MAN Euro 6 compliant engine of 320 horsepower and the MAN twelve speed  semi automatic transmission. Sixteen AMS CL1-N side loaders of 25m3 capacity mounted onto MAN TGS 6×2 tag axle three axle 26 tonne chassis were also bought. These chassis feature the 320 horsepower Euro 6 series engine and the MAN twelve speed semi automatic transmission. Finally, two AMS CL1- E electric side loaders were purchased, mounted onto MAN TGS 6×2 tag axle three axle 26 tonne chassis with MAN´S 320 horsepower Euro 6 series low emissions compliant engine and the MAN twelve speed semi automatic transmission. ASCAN GEASER decided to purchase two of the CL1-E electric side loaders off Geesinknorba Spain to use for collecting waste in the centre of Santander because of the units reduced CO2, NOx and reduced noise emissions. 


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