New waste collection vehicles for Ascan Geaser

Ascan Geaser, the largest environmental services company in Cantabria and specialists in providing services for municipalities, have purchased a fleet of thirty four new waste collection vehicles from Geesinknorba, Spain.
Timothy Byrne
Timothy Byrne

The new fleet of twenty AMS CL1-N and CL1-E side loading waste collection vehicles collect waste from side loader collection containers of 2,200 and 3,200 litres capacity. Ascan Geaser purchased 3,600 new side loader containers to coincide with the renewal of the waste collection contract. The containers are at communal collection points throughout the city. There are three specific waste streams collected in these containers: residual waste, mixed paper and cardboard, plastics: HDPE, PET, TETRAPACK, ferrous and non – ferrous tin cans commingled.

Eleven / twelve of the new AMS CL1 series side loaders operate nightly from 10pm until 4am. These collect non – recyclable waste from the city centre and, once full, deliver their load of waste to the waste treatment plant once or twice nightly. Ascan also collect non – recyclable waste using the CL1 series side loaders from 4am for the outer suburbs then delivering it to Cantabria’s waste treatment plant. These vehicles finish their shift at 10am. A side loader also works in the afternoon from 2pm to 8pm collecting non – recyclable waste.

Three of the new AMS CL1 series side loaders are deployed collecting recyclable wastes e.g. mixed paper and cardboard, whist one is deployed collecting plastics: HDPE, PET, TETRAPACK, ferrous and non – ferrous tin cans commingled. This starts at 6am and the dry recyclables collected are delivered to a recycling facility operated by Urbaser SA for Cantabria for baling and shipment to processors.


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