New waste collection vehicles for Ascan Geaser

Ascan Geaser, the largest environmental services company in Cantabria and specialists in providing services for municipalities, have purchased a fleet of thirty four new waste collection vehicles from Geesinknorba, Spain.

Mr. Ruben Varela, Chief Executive Officer of the Environmental Division of Ascan Geaser explained that, “Ascan chose the equipment options from Geesinknorba Spain for the new waste collection service in Santander because it was innovative and designed with the emphasis of Smart Cities in mind. The new fleet of Rossi, ‘N’ Series and AMS CL1 side loader units has helped to provide a more sustainable waste collection system for the city of Santander. This, combined with the use of the NEC GIS system has helped to reduce costs as well as improve operational efficiency”.

Mr. Marco Antonio Casaos, Technical Director of the Environmental Division of Ascan Geaser explained that, “A long standing working relationship with Geesinknorba Spain had existed combined with a good delivery time for all thirty four new waste collection vehicles supplied”. He continued by saying that Geesinknorba’s products were of a high quality and backed up with a three year warranty. Price was also a factor in choosing Geesinknorba Spain to supply the new fleet of waste collection vehicles for the new contract.

In conclusion, Geesinknorba Spain has provided a fleet of their latest innovative generation of waste collection vehicles to help improve the environment of Santander and which will provide a sustainable waste collection system for the city for many years to come.


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