FODSA Manages the Waste Management System for Thessaloniki Prefecture

The responsibility for waste management in Thessaloniki city and the entire Prefecture of Thessaloniki is the responsibility of FODSA, a public company managing waste for the Association of Local Authorities of the Prefecture of Thessaloniki.

The future of waste treatment in Thessaloniki Prefecture

The current President of FODSA, Mr. Michalis Geranis, is very forward thinking. He realises that Thessaloniki Prefecture cannot rely on sanitary landfills as the long term solution for treating non – recyclable waste and so FODSA are looking at energy from waste as the longer term sustainable solution to this problem. FODSA are technology neutral and are considering both mass burn systems as well as emerging technologies such as Gasification and Pyrolysis. It is FODSA’S belief that by incorporating energy from waste into their longer term waste management strategy, the Prefecture will be self sufficient in its own electricity needs as well as the option of the facilities being of a combined heat and power type and qualifying as R1 type energy from waste plants.


In conclusion, FODSA provide sustainable recycling, waste transfer, sanitary landfill and landfill rehabilitation for closed sanitary landfill sites such as Tagaredes across Thessaloniki Prefecture. Their future plans for further developing their waste transfer infrastructure by the construction of another waste transfer station, will help reduce the carbon footprint and vehicle emissions, while their plans for an energy from waste facility will help the Prefecture provide renewable energy and become very self sufficient for many decades to come.


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