Oman waste management body Be’ah undertakes aggressive waste management plan

The Oman Environmental Services Holding Company S.A.O.C (Be’ah) is undertaking an aggressive waste management plan in the country. Officials from Be'ah said that Oman's waste management investments could total about OMR 423.47 million.
Burkard Vogt,

“Oman’s total investment for basic MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) infrastructure is expected to be around $150 million (OMR 57.74 million), and the waste-energy-water project will have an approximate total investment of $750 million (OMR 288.73 million) and the industrial waste infrastructure will be around $150+ million (over OMR 57.74 million),” said Essam Al-Sharji, an official at the waste management body.

Be’ah has invited bids for many tenders on collection, transfer, treatment and recycling areas.

“The traditional methods of handling municipal solid waste in Oman need to be addressed as they contribute to the increasing amount of greenhouse gases being produced, affecting the Omani environment and human health,” Mr. Al Sharji said.

“As a priority to control the damage, Be’ah has embarked on an aggressive plan to close all dumpsites and replace them with modern engineered landfills and transfer stations across the Sultanate,” added Mr. Al Sharji.

Officials said that outsourcing contracts are being floated as tenders, by which experienced global firms will provide municipal waste management services.

“Oman is comprised of 11 governorates and based on the quantity of waste and distances, 10 such contracts have been developed to cater to the needs of the whole country,” Mr. Al Sharji said.

Oman has almost 317 dumpsites and four landfills. The nation is likely to generate 2.04 tonnes of municipal waste by 2040, up from about 1.85 million tonnes in 2015. Be’ah said it plans to manage 80% of the waste by 2030.


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