Lindner Group presented three new products at Ifat

The main emphasis was on its quick-change system for twin-shaft shredders and the resultant adaptability to the materials to be processed, as demonstrated by the Miura and Atlas machines.

The fast and mobile twin-shaft shredder Lindner Miura, which is mounted on a three-axle trailer, is equipped with the new Lindner FX Fast Exchange Unit system that facilitates rapid cutting tool changes. Shaft switching is completed in only a few steps and the complete exchange of a pair of shafts, including removal and installation, is possible is less than thirty minutes. According to Stefan Scheiflinger, the Lindner Recyclingtech Product Manager: “For suppliers of shredding services, the mobile Miura opens up a completely new dimension in flexibility. It means that our customers constantly have the ideal tool and this culminates in maximum, daily productivity.” For example, as a result of the quick-change system, waste wood, scrap metal, or industrial waste can all be processed on the same day without the necessity for compromises with regard to any of the materials.

The Polaris universal waste shredder is a slow running, single-shaft machine that has been designed especially for the processing of untreated household refuse and industrial and commercial waste containing low levels of deleterious substances. The Polaris guarantees optimum output material for every application derived from everything from wastepaper and plastics, to textiles and tyres. In line with their requirements, customers can employ the machine as a pre-shredder, or a one-step shredder for the processing of RDF. The special feature of the Polaris is the enormous shredding power that is applies to the material. This is possible due to the proven belt drive and the improved transmission of high torque onto the shredding shaft. The shredded output material can be used directly as a coarse RDF fraction without prior separation, or as feed for downstream processes.

The twin-shaft Lindner Atlas shredder is an extremely rugged, stationary pre-shredder that is ideally suited to the processing of untreated, input material that partly contains high levels of contaminants. In particular, the shredder impresses in RDF preparation lines in combination with a Lindner Komet as a secondary shredder. Lindner Product Manager, Stefan Scheiflinger: “I am certain that owing to its high throughput, aggressive intake and process stability, the Atlas will convince our customers from day one. The quick change of the entire cutting unit including the twin shafts in less than sixty minutes is probably a record and offers the customer sizeable potential for financial and personnel savings.” The design of the hydraulic drive as a separate unit guarantees its protection and furnishes space-saving integration.


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