Ifat 2016: Höcker Polytechnik separates the wheat from the chaff

Höcker Polytechnik GmbH made waves again at IFAT 2016 in Munich. This leading manufacturer of extraction and filtration systems for recycling, disposal and environmental technology, based in Hilter, Lower Saxony, presented their latest innovations in dust-free recycling operations, automated waste separation and pleasant sorting cabin atmosphere.

Visitors were especially attracted to the PMA-R material separator at the Höcker exhibition stand – a device specially designed to separate foils and recycling material from dust to improve material quality. The material separator meets the high demands of the recycling sector and runs smoothly and quietly in the background. Visitors to IFAT were able to take a look at this highly efficient device operating live and the Höcker team were on hand to answer questions and provide advice.

The way in which the energy-efficient Vacumobil removes dust and optimises material transport also attracted a great deal of attention. Höcker demonstrated how flexibly this powerful device can be used to create a cost-efficient, pneumatic transport network. This left a lasting impression on visitors who recognised that this device will become a mainstay of the international recycling/disposal industry.

IFAT 2016 was a resounding success for both Höcker Polytechnik and the fair organisers, with a significant increase in visitor numbers compared to previous years. Höcker’s products struck a chord with the recycling and disposal sector and the Höcker team were pleased to accept new orders for domestic and international clients. Höcker is of course looking forward to attending the upcoming IFAT 2018 with a range of new and innovative products.


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