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Metal Recycling Market Growth and Sales Forecast by 2027

| The major factor driving the growth of metal recycling market is attributed to increasing industrialization and urbanization, rising income, and spending capability of people in developing economies such as China, Brazil and India.

Cronimet recycles gas turbines

| With the documented destruction of aircraft turbines in 2016, Cronimet broke new ground in the recycling of finite resources. At the end of last year, the company further recycled its first gas turbine; the second one in January.
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Steep increase in China’s steel scrap usage and exports in 2017

| According to figures from China's Association of Metalscrap Utilization (CAMU), China was the world’s biggest steel scrap user in 2017 after recording a steep 64.2% increase in its consumption to 147.9 million tonnes from 90.1 million tonnes in the previous year.
crude steel output

World crude steel output increases by 5.3% in 2017

| World crude steel production reached 1,691.2 million tonnes (Mt) for the year 2017, up by 5.3% compared to 2016. Crude steel production increased in all regions in 2017 except in the CIS, which has remained stable (subject to current estimates).

November 2017 crude steel production

| World crude steel production for the 66 countries reporting to the World Steel Association (Worldsteel) was 136.3 million tonnes (Mt) in November 2017, a 3.7% increase compared to November 2016.

APEAL welcomes circular economy package

| APEAL (the Association of European Producers of Steel for Packaging) has welcomed the announcement of a balanced Circular Economy Package.
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Eurofer: EU waste package not closing the loop

| The European Stell Association (Eurofer) claims that the agreement only goes part of the way.

Bertin launches new SaphyGATE G range of radiation portal monitors

| The SaphyGATE G portal monitors combine easy operation and maintenance with robustness and compliance with the strictest international standards.
Crude steel

Crude steel production keeps on increasing

| World crude steel production for the 66 countries reporting to the World Steel Association (worldsteel) was 145.3 million tonnes (Mt) in October 2017, a 5.9% increase compared to October 2016.

Crude steel production still increases

| World crude steel production for the 66 countries reporting to the World Steel Association (worldsteel) was 141.4 million tonnes (Mt) in September 2017, a 5.6% increase compared to September 2016.
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More balanced market expected for ferrous metals

| Overall, scrap demand is still healthy and volatility is now expected to be lower than in previous months, it was reported to the latest BIR Ferrous Division meeting by board member Tom Bird of UK-based Liberty Steel.

Moderate but continued growth for global steel demand

| The World Steel Association (worldsteel) today released its October 2017 Short Range Outlook (SRO). worldsteel forecasts global steel demand will reach 1,622.1 Mt in 2017.
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BIR Ferrous Division: Developments with focus on India

| On Sunday, 15 October at 10.30, the plenary session of the BIR Ferrous Division will feature a keynote presentation by Ms Becky E. Hites from Steel-Insights LLC (USA).

ISRI 2017 Scrap Yearbook published

| The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) has announced the release of its sixth annual ISRI Scrap Yearbook, providing up-to-date information and statistics about the U.S. scrap industry and global scrap marketplace.