Launch of the LP 60 EH baler at IFAT 2016

Presona has introduced a new energy efficient baler for 2016 – the LP 60 EH. The LP 60 EH is the newest baler in the LP Series range.
Presona LP 60 EH

The LP 60 EH is the next sibling in the new LP Series family and builds on the same principles and design as the LP 60 VH, LP 85 VH and the LP 110 CH models. It has, like its bigger siblings, all the advantages built in, the design, the performance, the energy efficiency and the reliability.

The new model has a 37 kW or 45 kW motor and, can deliver an average throughput of up to 12 tonnes an hour of cardboard. With an increased press force of 60 tonnes, bale weights are increased and handling and transport costs reduced. Compared to the LP 50 EH, it offers significantly increased materials handling capacity and is also available with a Waste Design option (replaceable Hardox wear plates) for difficult and abrasive materials.

Fully customisable with a range of bespoke options, the new baler benefits from Presona’s prepress technology. When compared to a traditional shear baler, this delivers a significant reduction in energy costs as all of the power goes into the compaction process. And, because the process is more streamlined, the units suffer less wear and tear, emit less noise, and are more streamlined than their counterparts.

Suitable for rugged applications with high throughput rates, the new Presona baler will accept and process most materials, from paper and PET-bottles to household and industrial waste and is typically fed by means of a conveyor system.

Booth: C1.351/450


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